Mistletoes of Southern Australia¦BOOK REVIEW


Paperback | October 2019 | $ 59.99
ISBN: 9781486310937 | 224 pages | 245 x 170 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour photographs, Colour plates, Maps

ePDF | October 2019
ISBN: 9781486310944
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Available from eRetailers

This book contains all the information you ever wanted to know about Southern Australian mistletoes. It is well written in laymen’s terms, so even our young budding naturalists would be able to understand how to distinguish between the different species and how to recognise them. There are even notes on how to try to grow them yourself, and a clear explanation on why mistletoes are not the bad guys in the trees. The watercolour plates that go with the species descriptions are full page and beautifully illustrated throughout the book. The book contains up to date information on 47 species of mistletoes, but does not cover the whole of Western Australia and there are still un-named species from Northern Australia. The author encourages people to submit information on mistletoes. This 2nd edition of the book also contains new distribution maps and new sections on fire, climate change and mistletoes in urban areas. It also describes the ecology, life history and cultural significance of mistletoes, their distribution in Australia and around the world and practical advice on their management. This book is also available as a paperback, an ePUB version and, through libraries, as an ePDF.

Jolanda Keeble