Serventy Memorial Lecture 2017

Living in a Biodiversity Hotspot

With Professor Kingsley Dixon

The rich diversity of species, patchwork-quilted across the WA landscape just requires a new way of looking at that landscape and then the richness begins to engage you….

Professor Kingsley Dixon was raised in the wilds of Morley when much of the area was wonderful banksia woodland. He realised early on that plants, botany and bushland were exactly what he wanted to do as a profession. Kingsley established the plant sciences group at Kings Park which over 32 years involved developing one of the most productive botanic garden research groups with expertise in conservation biology, restoration ecology and evolutionary biology. In 2016 Kingsley was named Scientist of the Year in recognition of his efforts in conservation science, restoration ecology and plant science.

Kingsley’s presentation will give an overview of work in botany in WA. He hopes to enthral us with the botanical wonders that have been his great joy and privilege to research: We have plants that are trodden on by the last dinosaur… We have an ancient flowering plant predating the evolution of petals in Perth …. We have more species of animal eating plants and more orchids reproduced by sexual deception than the rest of the world combined….

 DATE:        Wednesday, 12 April at 7.30pm

VENUE:      Social Sciences Lecture Theatre, UWA.  << click for map 

 COST:       $20    Students: $15   –  Payment at the door (no bookings accepted): All enquiries:  9389 8289

The Serventy Memorial Fund is a memorial to the contribution by the Serventy family to the Western Australian Naturalists’ Club with the aim of assisting and encouraging young people in the study of natural history. The Serventy Memorial Lecture is the main source of funding for the Serventy Memorial Prizes for students awarded annually at the four WA universities.