KRM Branch AGM 2022

KRM Branch 21 November 2022

A total of 11 members attended the KRMB AGM. Our Chairperson, Chris Punter, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. He then read the minutes of the 2021 AGM and then gave a summary of the branch’s activities for 2022. The Treasurer, Norman Aitken, then presented the financial report for the year to date. The election of the committee for the next year saw Chris Punter step down as Chairperson after several years in the role, though he will remain on the committee. The new Chairperson for 2023 is Colin Prickett. There were a couple of other changes to the committee, with Gillian Beadell and Pauline Dilley joining the committee and Heather Adamson stepping down. You can find the complete committee list on the KRM Branch page.

After the formal part of the meeting, the remainder of the meeting was opened for member contributions. Chris Punter presented a series of photographs from the September long weekend outing to Boshack. The photos showed the attendees on a farm stay and a lake tour. They also included pictures of fungi, lichens and flora found during the weekend, such as Acacia sp., Hakea, Coneflower, Leptospermum and Calothamnus, plus a few orchids. Bird species included White-faced Heron and Black-fronted Dotterel, while invertebrates included a scorpion and Crusader Bugs. Colin Prickett then showed photographs taken at local reserves or during KRMB outings during the spring. They included Ray Spider Orchids, other wildflowers and a Castiarina sp. Jewel Beetle on a Robin Redbreast flower- (Melaleuca lateritia) taken at Austin Bay Nature Reserve. Photos taken at Karnup Nature Reserve showed some of the many insects that are attracted to the flowers of Dasypogon bromeliaefolius – Pineapple Bush. These included Painted Lady and Grass Dart butterflies, grasshoppers, and Bee flies. Photographs from Paganoni Reserve showed orchid species and Pimpernel Drosera. Other photos were from the October outing to Penguin Island.

The audience thanked both Chris and Colin for sharing their images.

Colin Prickett