The Serventy Memorial Lecture 2013

The topic for the 2013 Serventy Memorial Lecture will be “Bird pollination of eucalypts on old landscapes: a new perspective” by Professor Steven Hopper, Winthrop Professor of Biodiversity CENRM (UWA Albany) and School of Plant Biology, University of Western Australia.

A common experience for most Australian naturalists is to witness birds feeding on the nectar of eucalypt flowers. Only 5% of eucalypts are primarily pollinated by birds – honeyeaters, lorikeets and others. The bird-pollinated specialist eucalypts are concentrated on the old, climatically-buffered, infertile landscapes (OCBILs) of southwest Australia.


This talk will explore key hypotheses from a new theory, reviewing what we know and don’t know about this enduring relationship between common Australian birds and trees.

DATE: Tuesday, 16 April at 7.30pm

VENUE: Social Sciences Lecture Theatre, UWA.

COST: $20, $15 concession Enquiries: 9389 8289

The Serventy Memorial Fund was created to acknowledge the contribution by the Serventy family to the Western Australian Naturalists’ Club, with the aim of assisting and encouraging young people in their study of natural history. The Serventy Memorial Lecture is the main source of funding for the Serventy Memorial Prizes for students awarded annually at the four Western Australian universities.

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