Vol 15 & 16, 1981-1987

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Contents of The Western Australian Naturalist
Volumes 15 & 16, 1981 to 1987

Volume 16 No 8 August 31 1987

  • The movement of reptiles in Mulga fenceposts with records from Esperance, Western Australia. By Brian Bush.
  • New subspecies of Grey Shrike-thrush and Long-billed Corella from Western Australia. By Julian Ford.
  • Discovery of the Dibbler, Parantechinus spicalis, on islands at Jurien Bay. By Phillip J. Fuller and Andrew A. Burbidge.
  • Notes on Kimberley Birds. By Julian Ford.
  • An example of edge effect on ants in the Western Australian wheatbelt. By Bob Hammond.
  • Obituary: Julian Ralph Ford. By G.M. Storr.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Two new breeding islands for Short-tailed Shearwater (Puffinus tenuirostris) in Archipelago of the Recherche, Western Australia. By R.E. Johnstone and L.A. Smith.
    • Flock Pigeon Observations. By Otto Mueller and David James.
    • Bridled Tern breeding on the Western Australian mainland. By J. Dell and R.A. How.
    • Chestnut Whistling Duck in the Perth Region. By Otto Mueller.
    • Notes of Reproduction in Captive Lialis burtonis. By Bradford Maryan.
    • Whiskered Tern records from Rottnest Island. By D.A. Saunders, P.R. Ehrlich, C.P. de Rebeira and H.F. Recher.
  • Index to Volume 16

Volume 16 No 5-7 April 30, 1986

  • A botanical survey of Bungle Bungle and Osmond Range, south-eastern Kimberley, Western Australia. by S.J. Forbes and K.F. Kenneally.

Volume 16 No 4 November 27, 1985

  • Vertebrate fauna along the Marchagee Track, Western Australia. By S.A. Halse, K.D. Morris O.G. Nichols and G.E. Rice.
  • Arboreal geckos feeding on plant sap. By John Dell.
  • Observations of the distribution of the New Zealand Fur Seal (Arctocephalus forsteri) in Western Australia. By N.J. Gales and P.M. Lambert
  • A Black-bellied Storm Petrel from Western Australia. By R.E. Johnstone.
  • Effects of frosting on some coastal plant species. By W. Foulds.
  • Utilisation of a Perth metropolitan wetland by water birds. By Sarah H. Hnatiuk.
  • Introduction of the Yabbie, Cherax destructor (Decapoda:Parastacidae) into southwestern Australia. By C.M. Austin.
  • The birds of Lake MacLeod, upper west coast, Western Australia. By L.A. Smith and R.E. Johnstone.
  • Possible hybrids between Banksia hookerana and B prionotes (Proteaceae). By Greg Keighery
  • From Field and Study:
    • Egernia inornata, an additional reptile record for the Shark Bay Region. By G.M. Shea and R.W. Wells.
    • Brown Quail at Carnarvon. By Roger Jaensch.

Volume 16 No 2/3 June 15 1985

  • C.H.E. Ostenfeld (187301931): A Danish botanist’s contribution to Western Australian botany. By G.G. Smith.
  • Irruption of White-necked Heron (Ardea pacifica) into south-western Australia in 1975. By John Dell.
  • Pincushion Millipedes (Diplopoda: Polyxenida): their aggregations and identity in Western Australia. By L.E. Koch.
  • Bird populations of farm plantations in the Hotham River Valley, W.A. By E.F. Biddiscombe.
  • Observations on the breeding of the Oblong Turtle (Chelodina oblonga). By R.H.J. McCutcheon.
  • Zoogeographical importance of tropical marine mollusc species at Rottnest Island, Western Australia. By Fred E. Wells.
  • Birds of Lake Cassencarry. By Brenda J. Newbey and Ken R. Newbey.
  • The Dibbler (Parantechinus apicalls: Dasyuridae) found in Fitzgerald River National Park, Western Australia. By B.G. Muir.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Black Honeyeaters feeding on ash. By Kevin Coate.
    • Some reptiles and frogs recorded in Stokes National Park. By Brian Bush.
    • Barn Swallows at Learmonth. By P.M. Davidson and F.E. Schlager.
    • Possible frost damage to native vegetation. By B.G. Muir.
    • On the distribution of two north Australian agamid lizards, Chelosania brunnea Gray and Chlamydosaurus kingii Gray. By Brian Bush.
    • Pied Butcherbird in the Perth area. By Michael A. Green.
    • Third Record of Leach’s Storm-Petrel (Oceanodroma leucorhoa) in Australia. By R.E. Johnstone.
    • Obituary: Tom Spence (1920-1985)

Volume 16 No 1 June 15, 1984

  • Dedication to D.L. Serventy
  • Broad-billed Sandpipers near Esperance and in the Perth Area. By Roger P. Jaensch.
  • Notes on the distribution and ecology of the Green-winged Pigeon Chalcophaps indica (Linnaeus) in Western Australia, with comments on subspeciation in the Australian region. By R.E. Johnstone.
  • New records of reptiles from Dirk Hartog Island. By Bradford Maryan, David Robinson and Robert Browne-Cooper.
  • Bud Autogamy in Orobanche L. (Orobanchaceae). By G.J. Keighery.
  • A comparison of two climbing plant species (one native and one exotic) at Woodman Point, Western Australia. By John Fox.
  • Notes on distribution and seasonal movement of the Striated Pardalote in Western Australia. By John Dell.
  • An unusual Hypogeal Fungus (Gasteromycete) from Western Australia. By G. Beaton.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Taking of fish by a Whistling Kite in the Pilbara, W.A. By K.D. Morris, C. Nicholson and J. Dalziel.
    • Pollination of Jansonia formosa Kipp. Ex. Lindl. (Papilionaceae). By Greg Keighery.
    • Nesting and Observations of the Striated Grasswren at Wittenoom. By Elaine and Max Howard.
    • Cleistogamy in Elatine gratioloides A. Cunn. (Elatinaceae). By Greg Keighery.
    • Solanum berries and Wattlebirds. By Greg Keighery.
    • Natural History Notes on Fauna of Kings Park. By Greg Keighery.
    • Floral Sexuality in Stylobasium Dest. (Stylobasidaceae). By Greg Keighery

Volume 15 No 8 January 31, 1984

  • Notes on the crab fauna of Mangrove Bay, North Cape. By R.W. George and D.S. Jones.
  • Insect pollination in the Cyperaceae. By G.J. Keighery.
  • The reptilian, avian and mammalian fauna on the Mount Saddleback State Forest, Western Australia. By O.G. and F.M. Nichols
  • From Field and Study:
    • Spotted Harrier, a new record for Rottnest Island. By C.P. de Rebeira and D.A. Saunders.
    • Index to Volume 15
    • Notice to contributors.

Volume 15 No 7 November 30 1983

  • Construction of a twenty-four hour activity budget for Pacific Black Duck by means of night vision binoculars. By Hugo Bekle.
  • The results of a breeding programme for the Noisy Scrub-bird (Atrichornis clamosus) in captivity. By G.T. Smith, C.A. Nicholls, L.A. Moore and H. Davis.
  • Psyllids and meat ants on the tree Albizia lophantha. By Bryon Lamont.
  • A serendipitous age estimation of a lizard, Tiliqua rugosa (Lacertilia:Scincidae). By Robert Holmes and Alan Light.
  • Notes on Bladderworts (Utricularia species) in Lake Jandabup (Wanneroo, Western Australia) with a description of Utricularia dichotoma. By I.R. Lantzke.
  • Ballistochery (explosive seed dispersal) in Baxteria R.Br. (Xanthorrhoeaceae). By G.J. Keighery.
  • Notes on a rare Western Australian Spider Ceryerda Symon (Gnaphosidae). By G.H. Lowe.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Notes on birds in South Western Australia. By P.A. Bourke
    • Barn Swallows at Exmouth. By P.A. Bourke
    • Ravens harrying a Ring-tailed Possum. By Harry Shugg
    • Masked Plovers near Perth. By Jean R. White
    • Boobook Owl on Rottnest Island. By C.P. de Rebeira and D.A. Saunders.

Volume 15 No 6 August 30, 1983

  • Occurrence of Cephrenes augiades sperthias (Orange Palmdart Butterfly) in Perth. By Michael Hutchinson.
  • Effects of unseasonable rains in January 1982 on waterfowl in south-western Australia II. Records of late breeding. By Hugo Bekle.
  • Notes on the reproduction in captive Menetia greyii (Lacertilia:Scincidae). By Brian Bush.
  • Use of a man-made foreshore by wading birds at Herdsman Lake. By Otto Mueller.
  • The Rusty-tailed Flyeater, a new species from Queensland. By Ray Garstone and R.E. Johnstone.
  • Notes on nesting of Gull-billed Terns (Gelochelidon nilotica). By Ray Garstone.
  • The distribution of the Sea Anenome Actinia tenebrosa Farquhar in south-western Australia. By J.D. Ayre.
  • The survival, habitat and a new record for the scorpion Cercoponius squama (Scorpionida:Bothriuridae) By G.T. Smith.
  • The butterflies (Lepidoptera: Hesperioididea and Papilionoidea) of Barrow and nearby islands, Western Australia. By C.N. Smithers and W.H. Butler.
  • From Field and Study:
      Notes on the Swamp Parrot (Pezoporus wallicus). By Ken and Brenda Newbey, and Keith Brady

    • Quokka, Setonix brachyurus, at Green Range. By Andrew Kirke.
    • A record of late breeding by Blue-billed Duck Oxyura australis. By Hugo Bekle.
    • Diamond Doves and other northern birds in the south-west of W.A. in 1981. By A.L. Milhinch.
    • Bobtails eating Patersonia flowers. By Harry Shugg.
    • Streaked Shearwater Calonectris leucomelas in Australia. By S.G. Lane.
    • Grass owl near Broome. By Otto Mueler.

Volume 15 No 5 June 13, 1983

  • Crimson Chats in the south-west of W.A. in 1981 By A.L. Milhinch
  • Notes on reproductive behaviour in the Tiger Snake (Notechis scutatus). By Brian Bush.
  • The burrowing behaviour of the Koonac Cherax plebejus (Decapoda:Parastacidae). By Pierre Horwitz and Brenton Knott.
  • Effects of unseasonable rains in January 1982 on waterfowl in south-western Australia I. Responses of selected species on coastal summer refuges. By Hugo Bekle.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Overnight torpidity in Australian arid-country birds. Noel Ives.
    • An early record of overnight torpidity in Western Australian Birds. D.L. Serventy.
    • Notes on a movement of young Banded Stilts. Ray Garstone and Brian Jefferies.
    • White-winged Triller on Rottnest Island. D.A. Saunders and C.P. de Rebeira.
    • Black Butcherbird in Western Australia. By R.E. Johnstone.
    • A Red-necked Phalarope at Pelican Point By Jane Prince.

Volume 15 No 4 December 31 1982

  • A guide to Western Australian She-oaks (Allocasuarina and Casuarina species). By Eleanor M Bennett

Volume 15 No 3 July 15, 1982

  • The Yellow Wagtail Motacilla flava in Australia. By R.E. Johnstone.
  • Notes on captive Rabbit Bandicoots (Macrotis lagotis). By Heather J. Aslin.
  • Observations on the pollination biology of Nymphaea gigantea W.J. Hooker (Nymphaeaceae). By Edward L. Schneider.
  • An Account of Limnadiopsis brunneus Spencer and Hall 1896 (Crustacea: Conchostraca) in Western Australia. By Edward L. Schneider and Stanley L. Sissom.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Barn Swallows at Carnarvon. By T. Barnes.
    • Observations on honeyeaters and their food plants in Peak Charles National Park. By Stephen D. Hopper and Andrew A. Burbidge.
    • Birds of Canning Island Archipelago of the Recherche, Western Australia. By A.K. Daw.
    • A visit to Sandy Island, Western Australia. By S.G. Lane.

Volume 15 No 2 January 31 1982

  • Observations on the ecology of Varanus in the Great Victoria Desert. By Eric R. Pianka.
  • Notes on the biology of two species of nocturnal skinks, Egermia inornata and Egermia striata, in the Great Victoria Desert. By Eric R. Pianka.
  • Sacred Ibis in south-Western Australia. By Hugo Bekle.
  • A specimen of the White Wagtail (Motacilla alba) from Geraldton, W.A. By G.M. Storr, R.E. Johnstone and L.A. Smith.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Additions to the terrestrial vertebrate fauna of the Shark Bay Region, Western Australia. By D. King and J.D. Roberts.
    • Streaked Shearwaters Calonectric leucomelas off mid-west coast of Western Australia. By R.E. Johnstone.

Volume 15 No 1 June 15, 1981

  • A Relic Population of Blue-breasted Wrens Malurus pulcherrimus, in the Central Wheatbelt. By Ian Rowley.
  • Foraging behaviour of Megachild bees on Swainsona canescens (Fabaceae) and its coevolutionary implications. By Stephen D. Hopper.
  • Some vertebrates recorded on a visit to Queen Victoria Spring in December 1977. By K.D. Morris and G.E. Rice.
  • Extrafloral nectaries in Alyogyne hakeifolia (Giord.) Alef. (Malvaceae) and their association with ants. By John K. Scott.
  • Notes on the pollination of Nuytsia floribunda (Labill.) R.Br. (Loranthaceae) and some literature reviewed. By T.J. Hawkeswood.
  • The Desert Coprinus fungus (Podaxis pistillaris) in Western Australia. By Roger N. Hilton and Kevin F. Kenneally.
  • Autografting of roots and stems in Eucalyptus and of rhizomes in Nuytsia floribunda. By Bryon Lamont.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Sighting of the European Common Tern (Sterna hirundo hirundo) in breeding plumage, at Quobba Point, via Carnarvon. By Max Howard.
    • A record of a centipede killing and feeding on a sawfly larva. By T.J. Hawkeswood and M. Peterson.
    • First record of Golden Bronze Cuckoo in Kimberley. By Julian Ford and R.E. Johnstone.
    • Moths and caterpillars on Chenopodium at Perry Lakes. By K.F. Kenneally.
    • A Red-back Spider attacking an immature Dugite. By P. de Rebeira.

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