Volume 27, 2009-2011

Juvenile hybrid Australian Ringneck x Red-capped Parrot

Vol. 27 No. 1 – December 30, 2009

  • Hybridisation between Australian Ringneck Platycercus zonarius and Red-capped Parrot Platycercus spurius in Cottesloe, Perth, Western Australia. By R.E. Johnstone and R. Benken.
  • Case of an unusually artificial urban location for a bracket fungus. By Roz Hart.
  • A new subspecies of Grevillea brachstylis (Proteaceae) from the Whicher Range. By Greg Keighery.
  • Additions to the terrestrial herpetofauna of Koolan and Dirk Hartog Islands. By Brad Maryan and Linda Reinhold.
  • First records of Pederserpula pusio, the Pagoda Fungus, in the Perth metropolitan region, Western Australia. By Derek Mead-­Hunter and Roz Hart.
  • Additional counts and records of flock composition of Carnabys Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus latirostris) at two overnight roosting sites in metropolitan Perth. By P.F. Perry and M. Owen.
  • Three decades of avifaunal change in an inner suburb of Perth, 1977-2009. By Ian Abbott.
  • From Field and Study: Sand shimmying as predator avoidance behaviour in two agamid lizards, Ctenophorus reticulatus and Ctenophorus femoralis. By Christopher J. Bell, Jim I. Mead and Marci Hollenshead.
  • Obituary – Margaret (Biddy) Bridget Mills (nee Edwards)