Vol 3 & 4, 1951-1955

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Contents of The Western Australian Naturalist Volumes 3 & 4, 1951 to 1955

Volume 4 No 8 May 6, 1954

  • Removal of Host’s Egg by the Cuckoo. by Julian R. Ford.
  • Herpetological Miscellanea V.-W.A. Geckoes. By L. Glauert.
  • New Species of Toxic Plants from Western Australia. By C.A. Gardner.
  • Nestling Seasons of W.A. Birds-a Further Contribution. By A.H. Robinson.
  • From Field and Study
    • Record of the Silver-grey Petrel from Rottnest. By E. McCrum and P. Slater.
    • Use by Grey Butcher-bird (Cracticus torquatus) of Wire-Netting as a Vice. By P. Slater.
    • Occurrence of Pectoral Sandpiper (Zosterops australasiae) at Reid. By E. McCrum and P. Slater.
    • The Carab, Scaraphites humeralis, at Wembley. By Sheila McCarthy.
    • Travel of a Banded Little Crow. By H.B. Shugg.
    • Early Migration of Rainbow Bird. by W.C. Ford.
    • Scarlet and Red-capped Robins nesting at Mundijong. By C.F.H. Jenkins.
    • The Quenda in the Riverton Area. By R.P. McMillan.
    • Frigate-bird at Fremantle. By A.M. Gwynn.
    • Gilbert’s Note-book on Marsupials. By F.J. McNamara.
  • Index

Volume 4 No 7 December 31, 1954

  • Nesting Seasons of Western Australian Birds. By I.C. Carnaby.
  • Two New Species of Burrowing Frogs of the Genus Helioporus Gray from South-western Australia. By A.K. Lee and A.R. Main.
  • The Relationships of the Quokka (Setonix brachyurus). By G.B. Sharman.
  • Reports of Excursions – Helena Gorge.
  • From Field and Study
    • Early Nesting of Black-faced Wood-Swallow (Artamus melanops). By J.R. and W.C. Ford.
    • Influx of Smokers (Polytelis anthopeplus). By W.C. Ford.
    • Reef Heron in Fremantle Harbour. By G. Cattermole.
    • Large Concentration of Neophema elegans at Neeralin Pool. By Brian V. Teague.
    • Quenda near Perth. by J.W. Baggs.
    • Occurrence of the Great-winged Petrel at Wyalkatchem. By W.H. Butler.
    • “Clifton Downs” as a Collecting Locality for Birds. By I.C. Carnaby.
    • Early Nesting of Little Wattle-bird (Anthochaera chrysoptera), By J.R. and W.C. Ford.

Volume 4 No 6 September 15, 1954

  • Herpetological Miscellanea, IV-A New Swamp Tortoise. By L. Glauert.
  • The Recent Increase of the Rarer Native Mammals. Various authors
  • South-western Bird Notes. By G.M. Storr.
  • From Field and Study
    • Swamp Harriers preying on Senegal Turtledove. By Donald N. Calderwood.
    • Flight speed of Phaps calcoptera. By Brian V. Teague.
    • Oreoica gutturalis at Williams in 1945. By Brian Teague.
    • Observations on a Long-tailed Wasp, Megalyra shuckardi West. By A. Douglas.
    • Notes on the Behaviour of Bee-eaters. By John Warham.
    • Comments on Gilbert’s Note-book on Marsupials. By J.H. Calaby.

Volume 4 No 5 June 30, 1954

  • On a Rare Xanthid Crab from Western Australia. By Isabella Gordon.
  • John Gilbert’s Notebook on Marsupials. By H.M. Whittell.
  • Key to the Frogs of South-western Australia. By A.R. Main.
  • From Field and Study
  • Tawny-crowned Honeyeater in Forest Country. By I.C. Carnaby.
  • Aggressive Behaviour by Black-faced Wood-Swallows. By John Warham.

Volume 4 No 4 March 30, 1954

  • Some Bird Observations made at the Abrolhos Islands. By E.H.M. Ealey.
  • The Western Australian Species of Xyris. By N,A. Wakeford.
  • Western Australian Pearl Shells. By B.C. Cotton.
  • Herpetological Miscellanea. By L. Glauert.
  • Observations on the Life History of the Moth Anthela zantharca (Meyrick). By Mrs M.B Mills.
  • From Field and Study
    • Name of a Jockey Beetle-a Correction. By R.P. McMillan.
    • Spotted Harrier at Busselton. By H.M. Whittell.
    • Incipient Song in Juvenile or Female Blue Wrens. By John Warham.
    • Occurrence of Red-eared Firetail and Red-winged Wren in the Darling Ranges. By K.G. Buller.
    • Sunbathing of Senegal Turtledove. By John Warham.
    • Wood Sandpipers at Lake Mungal. By John Warham.
    • Protective Freezing by the White-fronted Chat. By D.L. McIntosh.
    • White-naped Honeyeater at University Grounds. By Eric Lindgren.
    • Birds Dew Bathing. By Eric H and Lindsay E. Sedgwick.
    • Observations on Feeding of Dusky Wood-Swallows. By Athol M. Douglas.
    • Diving of Musk Duck. By Eric H. Sedgwick.
    • Birds Recently Established in the Central Wheatbelt. By L.E. Sedgwick.

Volume 4 No 3 December 21, 1953

  • Native Snails of the Genus Bothriembryon in King’s Park, Perth. By A.R. Main and M.A. Carrigay.
  • Amanitas from King’s Park Perth (continued). By J Gentilli.
  • The Winter Spider Orchid, a New Species from Wongan Hills. Caladenia glossodiphylla sp. nov. By H.M.R. Rupp and Rica Erickson.
  • The South-West Australian Races of the Spotted Scrub-Wren, Sericornis maculatus By Ernst Mayr and Robert Wolk.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Strepera versicolor feeding on Bothriembryon. By K.G. Buller.
    • An Extension of the Range of the Western Tiger Snake. By C.F.H. Jenkins.
    • Fresh-water Polyzoa from Western Australia. By E.J. Goddard.

Volume 4 No 2 September 9, 1953

  • Amanitas from King’s Park. Perth. By J. Gentilli.
  • Sex Ratio and Variation in Apus australiensis Spencer and Hall. By A.R. Main.
  • Evidence of Aboriginal Habitation at Yandanooka. By G.F.U. Baker.
  • Obituary: O.H. Sargent. By Rica Erickson.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Occurrence of Black-tailed Godwit in Kalgoorlie. By P Slater.
    • Early Appearance of Jewel Beetle. By Athol Douglas.
    • Addenda to Published Notes on Crytopeltis spp. By M.C. Russell.
    • The Dollarbird in Western Australia. By J.H. Calaby.
    • Further Records of Hyperoedesipus plumosus. By W.H. Butler.
    • Records of Rare Parrots. By J.H. Calaby.
    • Further Record of the Little Whimbrel in South-Western Australia. By Angus Robinson

Volume 4 No 1 June 30, 1953

  • Two New Species of the Genus Cyrtopeltis (Hemiptera) Associated with Sundews in Western Australia. by W.E. China.
  • A New Species of Epitrix (Coleoptera Halticinae) from Western Australia. By G.E. Bryant.
  • Notes on the Insects Associated with Sundews (Drosera) at Lesmurdie. By M.C. Russell.
  • Bird-Life at Caron. By Eric H. Sedgwick.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Orchids in the Dry Country. By (Mrs) Rica Erickson.
    • Land-birds of Garden Island. By Donald. N. Calderwood.
    • Bird-life at Yoting. By Glen Storr.
    • Birds and Intense Heat. By Donald N. Calderwood.
    • The Distribution of the Bee Genus, Trigona. By Tarlton Rayment.
    • Aggregations of Whistling Eagles and other Birds. By J.H. Calaby.

Volume 3 No 8 May 5, 1953

  • Additional Records of Fishes occurring in the Fresh Waters of Western Australia. By B. Shipway.
  • The Southern Invasion of Northern Birds during 1952. By D.L. Serventy.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Wire in Nest of Senegal Dove. By D.N. Calderwood.
    • Occurrence of Hyperoedesipus plumosus. By L. Glauert.
    • Probable Breeding of Red-capped Robin at Wooroloo. By Eric H. Sedgwick.
    • Re-discovery of the Ground Parrot at the Bow River. By J.W. Baggs.

Volume 3 No 7 Dec 30, 1952

  • Western Australian Stigmodera. By R.P. McMillan.
  • Evidence of a Mid-Recent Change of Sea-Level at Cottesloe. By M.A. and S. Carrigy.
  • A Gabbin Bird List. By L. Sedgwick.
  • Present Climatic Fluctuations in Western Australia. By J. Gentilli.
  • Gerpetological Miscellanea. By L. Glauert.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Birds at the New Causeway Construction. By W. Baggs.
    • Use of the Upper Nest of the Yellow-tailed Thornbill. By Herbert Berry.
    • Field Diaries of F. Lawson Whitlock. By H.M. Whittell.
    • Size of the Rock Python. By D.L. Serventy.
    • Re-discovery of Hyperoedesipus plumosus at Moondyne Spring. By W.H. Butler.

Volume 3 No 6 Sept 15, 1952

  • Cave Paintings near York and Hyden. By V.N. Serventy.
  • Notes on the Genus Idiosoma, a supposedly rare Western Australian Trap-Door Spider. By Barbara York Main.
  • Notes on Two Well-known Australian Ant Species. By W.L. Brown.
  • The Food of Trout in Western Australia. By C.F.H. Jenkins.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Death Adder at Jarrahdale. By (Mrs) J. Lyon.
    • Expediency of a Thirsty Cat. By W.H. Loaring.
    • An Aboriginal Relic Neat Pithara. By L. Glauert.
    • Further Bunketch Bird Notes. By Don Reid.

Volume 3 No 5 June 20, 1952

  • A Crater-like Depression near Mingenew, Western Australia. By M. Carrigy, A. Main and B. Marsh.
  • The Occurrence of the Quokka in the South-West. By S.R. White.
  • Communal Nesting among White-winged Trillers and other Birds. By S.R. White.
  • The Birds of the Moore River Gorge Country. By W.H. Loaring and D.L. White.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Plumage Variation in the Willy Wagtail. By D.N. Calderwood.
    • Larder Habit in the Magpie. By (Miss) S. Elliott.
    • Senegal Turtle Dove at Goomalling. By L. Sedgwick.
    • Koonac in Hyde Park Lake. By (Mrs) Irene Shipway.
    • Dugite and Rabbits. By V.N. Serventy.
    • Birds and Zamia Seeds. By E.H. Sedgwick.
    • Large Flock of White-fronted chats. By W.H. Loaring.
    • Red-eared Firetail Finch at Wongong. By V.N. Serventy.
    • Southern Emu-Wren at Gosnells. By P. Kneebone.
    • Destruction of Nesting Birds by Reptiles. By S.R. White.
    • Extension of Range of Migrant Orchid. By (Mrs) Rica Erickson.

Volume 3 No 4 March 15, 1952

  • The Visit of William Jackson to Western Australia in 1912 in search of of the Noisy Scrub-bird. By H.M. Whittell.
  • The Nesting of the Maned Goose or Wood Duck, on the Warren River. By A.D. Jones.
  • Dinosaur Footprints near Broome. By L. Glauert.
  • Bag Shelter Caterpillars and their Habits. By Mrs. M.B. Mills.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Further Observations on the irruption of Budgerygahs [Budgerigars] (Melopsittacus undulatus)By J.A.L. Watson. By (Mrs) Rica Erickson.
    • Narrow-billed Bronze-Cuckoo’s Egg Embedded in Sivereye’s Nest. By D.N. Calderwood.
    • Little Falcon Hawking for Insects. By Angus Robinson.
    • Encounter with Native Cat. By G.F. Parton.
    • Birds Eating Fleshy Outer Coat of Zamia Seeds. W.H. Loaring.
    • Letter-winged Kite Recorded for Western Australia. By D.L. Serventy.
    • Bird Notes from Esperance. By V.N. Serventy.

Volume 3 No 3 Dec. 20, 1951

  • Simple Social Bees of Western Australia. By Rica Erickson and Tarlton Rayment.
  • Inter-Specific Competition on Small Islands. By D.L. Serventy.
  • Bad Shelter Caterpillars and their Habits. By Mrs M.B. Mills.
  • A Bunketch Bird List. By Don Reid.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Natural Propagation of Rainbow Trout in Western Australia. By A.J. Fraser.
    • Nesting Sites of Yellow-tailed Thornbill. By Eric H. Sedgwick.

Volume 3 No 2 Sept. 14, 1951

  • New Records of Distribution of Pilostyles hamitonii. by G.G. Smith.
  • The Life History of the Brown-tail Moth, Pterolocera isogama. By Jean McGauran.
  • The Natural History of the Marron and other Fresh Water Crayfishes of South-western Australia Part 2. By B. Shipway.
  • Natural History Notes from the South Coast. By V.N. Serventy.
  • Irruption of Budgerygahs into the South-west, 1951. Various authors
  • A Jewel Beetle, Curis intercribrata, of the Sheoak. By R.P. McMillan.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Red-winged Wren at Roleystone. By A. Notley.
    • Quokka Feeding on Introduced Snail and Stinkwort. By (Mrs) Rica Erickson.
    • Red-tailed Tropic-bird at Albany. By N.E. Stewart.
    • Records of the Smoker Parrot. By L. Sedgwick.
    • Food Transference by Pallid Cuckoos. By E.H. and L. E. Sedgwick.
    • A Note on the Western Tiger Snake. By L Glauert.
    • A Melanistic Kookaburra. By Angus Robinson.

Volume 3 No 1 July 20, 1951

  • Observations on the Fat-tailed Dunnart in Captivity. By S.R. White.
  • The Natural History of the Marron and other Fresh Water Crayfishes of South-western Australia. By B. Shipway.
  • Reports of Excursions – Lake Cooloongup.
  • A New Varanus from East Kimberley, Varanus mertensi sp.n.. By L. Glauert.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Murchison River Snails. By Eric H. Sedgwick.
    • Introduced Land Snails at Esperance. By V.N. Serventy.
    • Young Butcher-bird with Giant Moth. By W.H. Loaring.
    • Pallid Cuckoo Report, 1950. By J. Gentilli.
    • Blue-breasted Wrens at Mosman Park. By (Mrs) J. Lyon.
    • Bird Counts From a Motor Car in the South-west. By Brian Glover.
    • Paper Nest Wasp at Bickley. By W.H. Loaring.

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