Volume 28, 2011–2012

Vol. 28 No. 4 December 30, 2012

  • Some dietary items of outer-urban Grey Butcherbirds in the Perth Hills. By Laurie E. Twigg
  • A new combination in Dryandra (Proteaceae).
    By Alex S. George
  • Cytisus scoparius (Scotch Broom) in Western Australia. By Greg Keighery
  • Natural history notes on two Pilbara endemic lizards, Diporiphora valens and Varanus bushi, with brief comments on survey methodology.
    By Brad Maryan and Jeff Turpin
  • An assessment of Yourdamung and Nalyering Lakes in the jarrah forest region of Western Australia. By Bruce Ward, Ray Cranfield and Graeme Liddelow
  • Calystegia R.Br. (Convolvulaceae) in Western Australia.
    By Greg Keighery and Bronwen Keighery
  • Unusual brown variant of Western Magpie in Perth.
    By Joseph Froudist
  • From Field and Study
  • A tribute to Roger Norman Hilton (1927–2012). By Neale L. Bougher

Vol. 28 N0. 3 July 27, 2012

  • Vertebrate Fauna of the Fitzgerald Biosphere Reserve, Western Australia.
    By A. Sanders, A. Chapman, R.J. Teale and G. Harold

Vol. 28 No. 2 January 27, 2012

  • Use by honeyeaters and parrots of a Brown Mallet plantation and an arboretum at Dryandra Woodland, Western Australia, at a time of year when few other nectar resources were available. By William E. Davis, JR and Harry F. Recher
  • Vascular Flora of Dryandra Woodland (Lol Gray and Montague State Forests). By Greg Keighery and Bronwen Keighery
  • Behavioural observations on an unnamed species of skink Liopholis (formerly Egernia) “Cape Range” from Cape Range. By M.J. Bamford and A.R. Bamford
  • A feeding technique of the Brown Honeyeater (Lichmera indistincta).
    By Kevin Coate
  • A new species of Darwinia (Myrtaceae) from Western Australia. By Greg Keighery
  • A checklist of the naturalized vascular plants of Western Australia II: Changes 1994–2004. By Greg Keighery

Vol. 28 No. 1 June 10, 2011

  • Obituary – Albert Russell (Bert) Main. By Don Bradshaw
  • Notes on the natural history of the tiny skink Menetia greyi.
    By Eric R. Pianka
  • Observations on the feeding habits of the Red-tailed Phascogale Phascogale calura in the Western Australian Wheatbelt. By A. Baxter and A. Chapman
  • A record of a Crowned Snake, Elapognathus coronatus on the Darling Range, Perth, Western Australia. By Brad Maryan and David Algaba
  • New records of fungi and slime moulds at Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia. By Neale L. Bougher
  • Notes on the natural history of Buchanan’s Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus buchananii in arid Western Australia. By Eric R. Pianka and Cyrus A. Harp
  • Notes on the ecology of some uncommon skinks in the Great Victoria Desert. By Eric R. Pianka
  • Freshwater shrimp (Palaemonetes australis) may be involved in Glochidia release from the freshwater mussel Westralunio carteri. By Michael Klunzinger
  • From Field and Study