Volume 26, 2008-2009

Volume 26 No 2 – April 30, 2008

  • Birds of Naturalists Island, Kimberley, Western Australia. By K. Coate.
  • The Impact of fire upon the size and flowering of three Honey Possum food plants as the western end of the Fitzgerald River National Park, Western Australia. By A. Everaardt.
  • Biodiversity attributes of an isolated woodland fragment in metropolitan Perth, Western Australia. By S. Reynolds.
  • The Donnelly River catchment: an important refuge for all of south-western Australia’s endemic freshwater fishes and the Pouched Lamprey (Geotria australis). By D.L. Morgan and S.J. Beatty.
  • Birds in four remnant bushland isolates and a garden and their importance to large isolated reserves in Perth. By P.F. Berry and O.F. Berry.
  • A new subspecies of Loxocarya striata (Restionaceae) from the Whicher Range. By G. Keighery.
  • Obituary – Ann Goodale (1937-2007)
  • From Field and Study:
    • Southern Giant Petrel with a geolocator and colour band recovered on Rottnest Island. By Denis Saunders.