Volume 30, 2015-2017

Volume 30 No 2 December 31, 2015

  • Australia’s digging mammals as ecosystem engineers: Implications for conservation and ecosystem restoration.
    By Kit (Amy) Prendergast
  • Flora of the Swan Coastal Plain Foothills Part 1: Vascular Flora of Lambert Lane Nature Reserve.
    By Greg Keighery and Bronwen Keighery
  • Variation in Monoculus monstrosus (Asteraceae).
    By Greg Keighery and Bronwen Keighery
  • Cynoglossum suaveolens (Boraginaceae) recorded for Western Australia.
    By Greg Keighery and Bronwen Keighery
  • Results of the first intertidal Citizen Science Project in WA: Port Hedland Community Reef Survey March–April 2014.
    By L. Kirkendale, S. Slack-Smith, J. Fromont, D. Teufel, P. Short,
    Z. Richards, A. Hosie, M. Bryce, S. Read and O. Gomez
  • A southern range extension for the Black-headed Python Aspidites melanocephalus in Western Australia.
    By R.J. Ellis and G.Hearle
  • Range extension and micro-habitat use of buff-snouted blindsnake (Anilios margaretae) with notes on its conservation status.
    By Glen Gaikhorst and Cathy Lambert