Volume 30, 2015-2017

Volume 30 No 4 February 28, 2017

  • The distribution, status movements and diet of the Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoo in the south-west with emphasis on the greater Perth regions, Western Australia. By R.E. Johnstone, T. Kirkby and K. Sarti
  • Notes on the relative abundance of the Perth Lined Skink, Lerista lineata on Garden and Rottnest Islands: a hand-searching example. By Brad Maryan and Glen Gaikhorst
  • A further record and observations on the Flowerpot Snake Indotyphlops braminus in suburban Perth. By Mike Bamford and Kit (Amy) Prendergast
  • Status of Senecio condylus (Asteraceae) in Western Australia. By Greg Keighery and Bronwen Keighery
  • Obituary: Alan Thomas Notley